Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sadness is not filling.

Jacob: While Liam and Jeanette were laughing it up in France, I was not.

Cafe Triste
123 Rue Tears

Even pork can't make me happy.

Liam: Aw. Poor Jakey eating his pork with fingers and eating sticks. A word of thanks to you for directing me to one of the most interesting and delicious things I've ever eaten: Pied de Porc. It was yum!


ULTRAJOE said...

how sad making


Jeannette & Carrie said...


william rugen said...

are you guys fasting or what?

william rugen said...

this is starting to read like lunching with bobby sands

Lime D. Zeze said...

A band I was in when I first moved to Seattle had a song called "Havin' Lunch with Bobby Sands"