Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Skillet Street Food

Jacob: Today we stayed away from Pioneer Square and the tepid feasting options we were subjected to last week. Today we went to Skillet Street Food.

Skillet Street Food

Location and menu varies - see website for locations details

Liam and Skillet.

I had heard about this place from a friend of mine and I thought it was really intriguing. As you can see, the entire of Skillet is an Airstream trailer. It travels to different parts of the city, depending on the day. The food is gourmet grill food and sandwiches, and you have to either eat on the street or take it back to work/home with you.

The line was really long, but it felt like part of the experience. Besides, we had our friends Tim and David along with us, so it was fine.

Less talking. More eating.

I ordered the burger (grilled kobe-style beef, cambazola, bacon jam!, arugula, brioche bun, with handcut fries). I asked them if they'd cook it rare for me, since I like my meats dangerous, and the lady said the cooks would probably jump for joy to be able to cook a burger to a color other than grey.

Cooked to Perfection.

We all tried the poutine (just now I tried to look it up on the internet as "putain", but I have found that that is a very different word.), which was french fries with gravy and cheese curds mixed in - very rich and delightful. All in all, I give my meal an 9 out of 10. I think if I would have been a little more hungry, and my burger was a tiny bit bigger, I would have said a 10 out of 10.


Liam: I had the lemongrass pork, with ginger aioli and cole slaw, and I too got the poutine upgrade for my fries. I'll start with the poutine. It was delicious, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't the poutine I'm used to. I prefer a little bit more gravy, and my cheese curds on top instead of mixed in. To taste what I'm talking about (aboot?) head up to Belgian Frites on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, BC. Of course I finished every last fry/curd/morsel of my poutine, so I'm not giving it bad marks on any account.

Now the pork. Mmmmm, pork! I loves me some pork, it's well known (HELLO! Bacon of the Month Club). And this pork was deliciously delicious! Lemongrassy, gingery, perfectly pulled and cooked. And the ginger aioli was fab. There were a couple of big hunks of lemongrass and ginger in the sandwich, which gave it a nice touch.

Deliciously delicious pork, oozing from my manos!

I would definitely eat here again, and soon! I need to try the burger, because it looks terrific. And it features 'bacon jam' which can only be good.

I'm saying 8/10, partly because I don't want to copy Jacob again, and partly because I'm being picky and asking for, nay, demanding, more gravy on my poutine. As I said to David, poutine contains 2 of my favorite things in foodville: gravy/dipping sauce and cheese. How can one go wrong?

The price was right, too. My meal was all of $10. Pork sandwich, poutine and a bottle of water.

The only negative comments we heard were regarding the size of the burgers. We are Americans, after all; our food must be big! I found the size of my pork sandwich to be more than adequate.

So hungry we are.

Bacon jam, being jammed into David's mouth.


william rugen said...

damn, upclass street food in an upclass trailer. what could go wrong with that?

Amy said...

Haven't seen Liam eat like that since his days with the 80 year old golfers at the Kiwanis club. Hope you find an excellent coatrack at one of these joints!!! Take care my old friend!!!